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The photo at left shows us ministering on the beach right in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel, supporting the work of the Waikiki Beach Chaplaincy. Behind us, sharing her praises to Jesus, is Margaret Onaka from the hula ministry Spirit of Joy. Also dancing with us that morning (out of camera range) were leader Debbie Rutkowski, Pat Murakami and Teri Steinwandt, all from Makiki Christian Church.

Notes From Gay

Korean Tour in October

We have had a long partnership with the Beach Chaplaincy as Gay came to Christ through the ministry of Bob Turnbull, the Hollywood actor turned‐pastor who started the ministry in February 1970. Gay had friends who attended Kalihi Union Church who invited her to a summer youth camp; Bob Turnbull was camp speaker, and through his Gospel messages, Gay came to understand God’s love and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

We have sung for the WBC pastors through the years, first with Bob Turnbull, later Gene Ozbun, and finally Alex McAngus, former Waikiki entertainer who gave his heart to the Lord and has been head of this ministry for more than twenty years. For a number of reasons, however, we have not been able to sing at the Chaplaincy for the past several years, so it was God’s intervention when volunteer Glenn Fortune approached us at this year’s HIM conference and asked if we might be able to sing for Pastor Alex this past May. The time was right for a reunion, so we kicked off our shoes, put on the rubber slippers and Hawaiian clothes and headed for the sands of Waikiki.

It was a special day ‐ the skies were blue, the sun warm and comforting, the breezes blowing, the audience of visitors in their beachwear receiving the Gospel message and songs of praises with joy and gratitude. It was good to be back and we will be returning as time allows.

Thousands of tourists have been blessed with this unique ministry through the years. Imagine ‐ going to church on the beach and worshipping God in the wonder of His creation.

We think of former volunteers like Ruby Nobles (now in northern California), Chuck and Doni Antone with an active ministry on the big island and in Taiwan, and Brian Jahnke, now manager of the Waioli Tea Room in Manoa Valley. All of these dear ones and many others have sustained and served the Lord through the work of the Beach Chaplaincy. We’re glad to be able to partner again in this vital work for the Lord.



Randy and I took an eight‐week course in April and May, sponsored by the Bible Institute of Hawaii. It was called “Hebrews: On To Maturity” and was taught by our good friend, Ada Lum, who is an international Bible study teacher. What I learned in Hebrews was that in addition to being our Lord and King, Jesus was our great High Priest. He was a High Priest who offered Himself on the altar. He Himself was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Because of His work on the cross, we all can know forgiveness of sins, abundant life and eternal life. I thank God for further teaching on this important work of our Lord Jesus.

One of the benefits of taking courses like this is that Randy’s creative juices start flowing. A few years ago when we took a BIH course on Psalms taught by Pastor Don Baron, Randy wrote several songs which people really liked: “Blessed” based on Psalm 1, and “Pleasant Places” based on Psalm 16 are two of my favorites, and both were on our album, “When Two Become One.”

Now that we are working on a new CD (I know, we’ve been working on it for a long time, thank you for patiently waiting), it is good timing that we took the Hebrewscourse because Randy wrote four new songs: “King of Righteousness,”“A New Covenant,” “A New and Living Way” and“To Calvary.” We debuted these songs in class and received Ada’s stamp of approval because they were based on God’s word and were theologically sound.

My mom is doing fine. She is still with Tess and Edwin Koh at their home in Waipahu. I thank the Lord for the loving care they give to Mama. On April 12, Easter Sunday, Mama celebrated her 97th birthday. God has blessed us that we still have Mama with us and that she still has a good quality of life. I try to visit twice a week and bring her favorite foods like Satoimo (Japanese potato), sushi, avocado and french fries. She really enjoys eating and watching her Japanese cable TV.

We humbly ask for your continued financial support especially at this time. When we go on a mission to a country like Vietnam or the Philippines, we have to pay for all of our expenses. In addition to our mission expenses, we need to raise support for operating costs of running Christian Vision. They take care of paying our salary, costs for putting on a concert like the Youth Rally we sponsored on May 29 at University Avenue Baptist Church, recording costs and travel costs for Randy and Andrew’s upcoming trip to the Philippines. Please give as God leads you. Thank you and God bless you.

Andrew preached on Mother’s Day at Kalihi Union Church. He spoke on the “Hope of Glory” from I Peter 1: 3‐7. He talked about how all of earth’s sufferings will be forgotten when we see Jesus face to face. But even more wonderful will be the joy on God’s face when He sees us. Then Andrew showed the above picture to the congregation and said: “This is a picture of God’s Glory. What do you see in my mother’s face? You can see the joy in her for she delights in me. One day she will die and then she will turn and see the face of God in all His glory. She will see the same joy and delight as He beholds her ‐ the child He loves.” What a beautiful illustration of God’s great love for us ‐ given in a mother’s day sermon

After three years in Hawaii, Andrew is leaving for the mainland at the end of August. He will be studying for a Master’s degree in Journalism at New York University. He wants to use his writing and interest in documentary filmmaking in missions, to tell the stories of people in poor countries and raise support for missions. Andrew is one of 150 incoming graduate students and because of his excellent academic record, test scores and essay, he was given the top scholarship ‐ full tuition plus living expenses for the first two semesters of a three semester course. I thank the Lord for providing so wonderfully for Andrew. I trust that He will also provide through various scholarships for the third semester. Please pray as Andrew continues to prepare himself for God’s work.



Randy and Gay will be taking a tour to Cheju, Pusan and Seoul, Korea from October 12‐22 of this year. Organized by Christian Vision supporter Ellen Suhl, owner of Quality Travel, the tour will be combining sightseeing, shopping and visits to Korean drama filming sites along with Hongo concerts at Korean Methodist churches. Ellen graciously hosted Randy on an exploratory trip to Korea last year when he was able to share his music with Korean Christians. Their enthusiastic response and invitation to “please come again, but next time bring your wife” resulted in the planning of this fall’s excursion.

Cost of the tour is $3,975 which includes: air and ground transportation, accommodations at deluxe hotels and breakfast.

If you are interested, please contact Ellen Suhl at Quality Travel, (808) 941‐8555, 1580 Makaloa Street, Suite 860, Honolulu, HI 96814. Or you may email the Hongos ( or write to them at P.O. Box 31124, Honolulu, HI 96820. Deadline for registration is July 15, 2009.


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