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One of the goals of Christian Vision is publishing original compositions of Christian music. That goal was met in 1999 by the printing of our first portfolio. a collection of all original Christmas music entitled Christmas In The Islands. Songs included in the collection are:


Christmas, Hawaiian Style   


Christmas In The Islands Again   


Coming Home For Christmas   


Good News   


Hallelujah, He Is Born   




Ua Hiki Mai Ke Ali'i   


We May Not Have Snow   

The Hongos plan to publish at least two more songbooks of original non-Christmas songs, but with printing costs being prohibitive and other recording projects assuming top priority, these future publications have been placed on hold.

However, if an individual songsheet of any of the Hongo's songs is desired, please feel free to contact the Hongos. Many of their songs have been transcribed into songsheet form, and if your desired song is available, the Hongo's would be more than happy to print a copy and send it to you. Please contact Randy and Gay if you have such a request:

Christian Vision
P.O. Box 31124
Honolulu, HI 96820
Phone: (808) 834-1000
FAX: (808) 834-7840

Or, use our online Contact Us page.

To order our songbook, please use our Ordering page. Thank you!

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